• To prevent corruption

    Published Thursday, October 30, 2014

    Helena Sundén, Secretary-general of the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute, was one of the speakers at the Counsil of Basic Values of the Government Offices of Sweden, October 22nd 2014.

    To see an interview with Helena Sundén, follow the link:
    How companies should behave towards public authorities.

    To see the full discussion forum, follow the link:
    A culture that mitigates corruption.

  • New decisions from the IMM Ethics Committee

    Published Monday, October 27, 2014

    2014:4 A question has been raised to the IMM Ethics Committee if it is compatible with the Code of Business Conduct to provide public sector employees, that participate at a mass, with a free-of-charge drinkand a snack.

    2014:5 Businesses display during the World Ski Championships

    A question has been raised to the IMM Ethics Committee if it is compatible with the Code of Business Conduct to invite international businessmen to Sweden for display of their business and the World Championships in Falun and in connection with this cover all the costs.

  • "Blågul korruption"

    Published Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    That of IMM and ILAC co-arranged seminar "Blågul corruption"was broadcast on SVT on Monday the 20th of October . The speakers at the seminar were Bo Rothstein, professor of political science, University of Gothenburg and Chris Lehmann, Executive Director at The CEELI Institute
    A paneldiscussion was also held.One of the topics was the importance of well-functioning institutions to countries with a high degree of corruption.

    The panel consisted of:
    Annica Sohlström, Generalsekreterare Forum Syd
    Bo Rothstein, professor i statsvetenskap Göteborgs Universitet,
    Catharina Ringborg, vice ordf Svensk Nordafrikanska Handelskammaren
    Lena Marcusson, Ordförande Värdegrundsdelegationen

    Moderator: Helena Sundén, Secretary-general at IMM.

    Broadcast on Swedish Television

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