• Helena Sundén on international corruption

    Published Thursday, March 26, 2015

    Helena Sundén Secrertary-General of IMM on national TV on corruption in relation to international business. (In Swedish)

  • Helena Sundén on corruption in Swedish authorites

    Published Wednesday, March 11, 2015

    IMMs secretary-general on national TV on the subject of corruption within Swedish Authorities. (in Swedish)

  • Upcoming seminars

    Published Thursday, February 19, 2015

    150320 The brave managers and leaders of the future

    - What are the requests of the leaders of tomorrow? What requirements can be put on a manager? And what type of leadership is required to run an organization based on the ethical demands of private and public organisations?


    Fredrik Wersäll, President, Svea Court of Appeal

    Johan Karlström, Chief executive officer, Skanska

    Birgitta Björk, SeniorConsultant, Betula Utveckling

    Moderator for the seminar, Helena Sundén, Secretary General, IMM.


    Date: 20th of March 2015
    Breakfast and registration: 07.30-08.00
    Seminar: 08.00-09.30

    Venue: The Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute, Brunnsgatan 2, Stockholm

    To register send an email to: info@institutetmotmutor.se

    FCPA and the Swedish Anti-Bribery Legislation

    (The seminar is held in English)

    What is required of companies based on the FCPA and how does the Swedish Anti-Bribery legislation relate to the US legislation?

    The seminar is aimed to those who want to know more about how the American legislation relates to Swedish legislation and how the practical issues should be handled based on the two legislations.
    The seminar combines theory with practical exercises.

    The speakers are;
    Natalia Stenbrink, Senior Counsel, CA Technologies
    Helena Sundén, Secretary General, IMM

    Date: 29th of April, 2015
    Time: 09:00 - 12:00
    Venue: The Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute, Brunnsgatan 2, Stockholm

    To register, send an email to: info@institutetmotmutor.se


COURT CASES (In Swedish)