Ethics Committee

About the Ethics Committee

Through statements, the Ethics Committee promotes good practices within the area covered by the Business Code. The Committee was founded in 2013 and its secretariat is part of the IMM secretariat and is run by IMM’s Secretary-general.

The Ethics Committee can, by request from an organization, make a statement on actions to be taken by the organization or its related organizations on the giving and taking of a gift, reward, or benefit, with the purpose to define if the action is in accordance with the IMM Code of Business Conduct. The Committee can also make statements based on requests by others that is a (i) receiver of a gift, reward or benefit which comprise with the Code of Business Conduct or (ii) employer to such receiver.

Decisions by the Ethics Committee are published on the IMM website unless specific reasons are provided against publishing.

The work of the Ethics Committee is regulated in the Rules of procedures of the Ethics Committee and the fees of the Ethics Committee is regulated in Fees of the Ethics Committee.

If you wish to come in contact with the Ethics Committee, or if you have any questions about the Ethics Committee’s operations, you’re welcome to send an e-mail to


Chairman of the Ethics Committee

Severin Blomstrand
Former Justice of the Swedish Supreme Court

Deputy Chairman of the Ethics Committee

Petter Asp
Justice of the Swedish Supreme Court

Members of the Ethics Comittee

Michaela Ahlberg
Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Getinge

Renée Andersson
Sustainability consultant

Inger Brattne
Former Senior Legal Director; Strategy & Operations Legal Lead, Pfizer.

Lars Dirke
Judge, Svea Court of Appeals

Lena Grapp
City Council, Uppsala Municipality

Catharina Gyllencreutz
City Council, City of Stockholm

Johan Lundström
Head of Legal Affairs, Insurance Sweden

Anders Thorstensson
Former General Counsel, Svenskt Näringsliv

Helén Waxberg
Partner, Mannheimer Swartling

Carina Lundberg Markow
Executive officer, Folksam

Decisions by the
Ethics Committee



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Benefits, soccer and free tickets to a mass (English summary)


Free tickets to a booking manager (English summary)


Supplier invites representatives from the banking- and insurance industry to amusement park (English summary)


Manufacturer organizes sales contest directed against store employees (English summary)



Business display during World Ski Championships (English summary)


Drink to municipal employees during a mass (English summary)


Significantly discounted lunchoffer for municipal employees (English summary)


Tourist guides with comission agreements (English summary)


An evening event for Government employees (English summary)



Factory visit in Germany (English summary)


Mass for public employees with offer of free accommodation and dinner (English summary)