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Ethics Talk Live

9 december, 2021 | 14:00 - 15:00

Ethics Talk Live: The Link between Human Rights and Corruption

In the Nordics we are accustomed to a life where we do not face rampant corruption in our daily lives. Our societies are founded upon a certain level of trust and mutual respect – a respect for individuals and equality. We may not truly understand the impact corruption have on societies and individuals. In the corporate world some may even argue that corruption is a victimless crime, and that it is only about “money”. In this talk we want to shed light on the link between corruption and human rights.

We argue that poor governance is the root cause for many (most ?) of the issues that we see in our world today. Bad leadership and lack of transparency is a breeding ground for corruption, which in turn hinders the development of strong societies where individuals and equality are respected.

Is not a corruption free society a basic human right? How can we ensure that we, as consumers and representatives for corporations and organisations, understand the wider implications of our decisions? What are the similarities and differences relating to anti-corruption and human rights compliance work?

Anna and Niina will be joined by true superstar guests, once again:

Heidi Platou is the Head Advisor for Human Rights at the Norwegian state owned energy company Statkraft. Prior to this role Heidi worked with Anti-Corruption at Statkraft. Heidi has worked extensively in South East Europe, South Asia and lived in India. Heidi will talk about her practical experiences and how she has seen this field develop over time.

Hayaat Ibrahim is the secretary general at The Swedish Anti-Corruption institute. Prior to this role Hayaat worked at a law firm providing advice to companies in the area of Corporate Crime and Compliance. Hayaat is passionate about anti-corruption, human rights and recognized as a Swedish Super Talent and Top Leader under 25 and a recognized speaker and thought leader.

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9 december, 2021
14:00 - 15:00


Nordic Business Ethics


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